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13 Obligations before Buying a Home

There are thirteen things that you might want to consider before you head off and purchase a home. It is important that you have some knowledge and know what you are doing so that you can continue in success. 


1. Your utility costs typically rise when you buy a home because many people purchase larger than they rented, so check what your costs will be, relatively. 


2.  If you can become free of debt before applying for a home loan, your credit score will get a boost and help to keep you from having to get a bad credit mortgage. 


3. Compare different prices for homeowners’ insurance with different companies. 


4.  Be sure that your job is stable, and there is no possibility of you getting fired any time soon. 


5. A home loan is a big thing to suddenly be committed to, so cut back in your spending where you can and perhaps make yourself a budget to stick to. 


6. You should be prepared to purchase things such as blinds and curtains for your windows, which can get pricey, but are things that you will need. 


7. Create a savings account, or if you already have one, add to it. 


8. Know that new subdivisions property values are controlled by the builders and in established areas, it is the price paid for the homes that determine value. 


9. Visit the home you are looking at, multiple times during the day and night, and different days of the week to see what the noise level and activity level is like at different times. 


10. Check online for registered sex offenders in the area and be sure they are not anywhere close to the home you are looking at. 


11. Hire an inspector to do a thorough inspection to see if it needs any major repairs. 


12. Maintaining the quality of your home will cost money, so be prepared. You might even consider a mortgage refinance in the future to get some equity for maintenance. 


13. Find out what the property taxes will cost you, realizing that after the first year, it will probably go up quite a bit and even mortgage refinancing in the future might not even lower your payment if you have high property taxes. 


Making sure that you keep these thirteen things in mind will really be a help to you when you are heading out to find the perfect home for your family to live in.